Up north fishing

Smallmouth bass are being taken by walleye anglers pulling live bait rigs or spinners through deep water on Cormorant, Lida and Island lakes. We just Fished last week! A medium size chub or shiner, and sometimes just half of a crawler will work best.

Up North’s Report

While a number of tactics are working, it is important to fish the back-side of rocks off of turbulent waters. Congrats to our guests on some magnificent fish! They were moving fast though, due to the dirty water. For example when I'm advising on Spey tackle, I'm coming from a perspective of very wide and fast rivers filled with large cobble and boulders where swinging is the thing and long casts are the order of the day.


Rod, the former owner of the Little Lehigh Flyshop on the Heritage section of Little Lehigh even said that 9X was needed at times, though I haven't gone down that far. The Leaves are Falling and the steelhead are jumping Washing the truck and boat last week worked, we saw some rain and the Steelhead fishing improved for about a day or two.

Our Professional Guides are experts in all areas of the sport. Statewide Fishing Opportunities New York is a big state with a lot of waters to fish.

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Winter is here November 15th, at 2: Trout fishermen are a race apart: The fishing that is available in the fall is so unique. Summer Daze June 22nd, at 7: Congrats to our guests on some highly remarkable fish!

This cg is on the lake and Houghton lake alway has some kind of fish biting. Bunks with mattresses which sleep 6 comfortably outside balcony surround 2 sides of the outpost. I just wanted to clarify that many of my comments regarding tackle and stuff are not necessarily appropos to the conversation.

But why didn't you pack my new blue silk pajamas like I asked you to do? The bite has been somewhat deeper during midday hours. Exterior log siding — building is varmint proof.

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Most of the success has been at the mud located off structure in depths of 21 to 23 feet and 26 to 30 feet of water. Some anglers are also reporting 10 to 15 pound fish.

Places to Fish

In the woods or in the field, with a gun, bow or trap, you'll get the shots you want, and maybe even see trophy of your life.The best thing about Up North Boat Rental is Rick.

He is committed to making his customers happy and exceeded our expectations. Even though the weather was not what we wanted at the time our rental was booked, he made sure we were happy and still enjoyed the experience.5/5(8).

Fishing Reports

Jul 25,  · On our way back now, my Dad, Nixon and I were just up on the far north end since last Friday. Found a nice camp spot that was in shade by (good for up North. Hooked Up Sport Fishing fishes the beautiful North Shore of Lake Tahoe for Mackinaw, Rainbow and Brown Trout as well as the occasional Kokanee Salmom.

Book your chartered fishing today and get ready to do some catching! Six days earlier, on a Sunday morning, Doc and the rest of us rolled out of our vehicles, and elbowed each other mercilessly as we crowded through the door of Knobby’s fly-in fishing business in Sioux Lookout, Ontario.

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Up north fishing
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