Culturally diverse classroom plan essay

It is important to have an open mind and be aware of all the different ethnic and religious backgrounds in the classroom this will help to prevent any misunderstanding because of a language or cultural barrier. The teacher should familiarize themselves with their background.

In order for educators to meet the needs of their students, key strategies must be implemented that will positively affect their students academically and behaviorally.

Culturally Diverse Students Essay

The teacher should refrain from having a multicultural unit but instead create a classroom that invites multicultural all year long. It can be a state of open or prolonged fighting.

To have a successful work experience and get the job done there are factors that we must consider. In general, most students are comfortable interacting with people, behaviors, and ideas that they are familiar with but react with fear and apprehension when faced with the unfamiliar.

Once being able to eliminate any chance that there could be of a bias towards another language, culture, or race, then they are able to create a more suitable atmosphere and can build an acceptable amount of trusts with their students.

A Plan For A Culturally Diverse Classroom

Welcoming guest speakers into the class that hail from differing backgrounds and have all made a positive contribution to important fields can also help dispel any preconceived notions that students might possess about the relative competence and value of people from different cultures.

Languages in the United States. At the beginning of the year I would have the children take home a paper cut out of the shape of their body and they are to go home and create it to represent themselves and bring it back to school to be hung up on the wall in the classroom.

Providing diverse students with examples of diverse contributors to these fields and using culture-specific subject matter when teaching core topics will help them perform better in these highly scrutinized and important domains.

work effectively with culturally diverse clients and co-workers

Rovella Phillips May 27, Abstract Our team has been assign a project that will take one year to complete. For the purposes of this paper and the anonymity of the family I am using the names Lucy and Chris to refer to the mother I interviewed and her husband and James to refer to the exceptional child.

I was also taught to respect my elders and authority figures. To make the institution more culturally responsive, the changes need to be made in at least three specific areas; Organization of he School, School Policies and Procedures, and Community involvement.

Creating a Plan for a Culturally Diverse Classroom Essay

Retrieved March 5,from www. Facilitate the planning, funding and provisions of services, programs and initiatives for people with a disability.

Teachers need to understand that there are many different practices that each culture follows. The mandate must be reflected in teacher and student attitudes.

A company or management team must identify any negative issues and turn them into opportunities. The Cover Page should include the following:Julia Thompson, a practicing teacher for more than 35 years, considers what it means to have a culturally responsive classroom and the steps necessary to create one.

Strategies for Teaching Culturally Diverse Students There are many school factors that affect the success of culturally diverse students the school's atmosphere and overall attitudes toward diversity, involvement of the community, and culturally responsive curriculum, to name a few.

Creating a Plan for a Culturally Diverse Essay. B. Pages:7 Words This is just a sample. The first step to accommodating students is to enhance cultural sensitivity from diverse cultural in the classroom.

This requires teachers to interpret their multicultural diverse student’s behaviors within the cultural perspective of the child. Creating a Plan for a Culturally Diverse Classroom Essay In the classrooms and schools today, cultural diversity is rising.

The biggest challenge for teachers in our schools today and within the classrooms is how to amend their curriculum to meet all the needs of the students in the relation of culture. appropriate behavior are culturally influenced, and conflicts are likely to occur when teachers -Clarke and Curran, ).

Misreading behaviors or communication patterns of culturally and linguistically diverse students (i.e., White, Black, Latino, Asian, Native American) can Culturally Responsive Classroom Management (CRCM) is an approach.

Mar 13,  · Cultural Diversity: Campus Climates and Classroom Instruction American Society has been and continues to become increasingly mixed, complex, and variegated in its cultural practices and ethnic make up.

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Culturally diverse classroom plan essay
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